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McKinney named South Belfast MLA

Former broadcaster Fearghal McKinney has been named the new SDLP MLA for South Belfast.

He replaces Conall McDevitt, who resigned recently after receiving undeclared payments.

More than 250 delegates participated in tonight's selection convention.

Mr McKinney said: "People are disillusioned with the stalemate at Stormont and deserve so much more.

"I bring SDLP values and a steadfast commitment to improve our political discourse and champion the hopes and ambitions of people across this region."

Mr McKinney has worked as an assistant to party leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell, following a career as a political journalist for UTV.

He defeated Belfast councillor Claire Hanna in the selection race.

Mr McDonnell said: "Over the past many years his commitment to the party has been impressive and I am confident that with the ability and dedication that Fearghal has displayed so far he will serve the people of south Belfast well into the future."


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