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McKinney reveals fear after scare with cancer

By Victoria O'Hara

SDLP MLA Fearghal McKinney has revealed he experienced "an anxious time" while on a waiting list during a cancer scare.

During a debate on the BBC's Nolan Show, the MLA for South Belfast said his experience of waiting months for a medical appointment had given him a desire to see the situation improved.

"I sat on a waiting list for something that I thought could potentially have a long-term effect," he said.

"I don't want to bring the personal into it. I had to wait months, but in the end it was all OK."

The party's health spokesman added: "I understand how people feel, and that's why I'm passionate, that's why I'm angry and that's why the minister has to get back to his desk."

Former Health Minister Simon Hamilton resigned as part of his party's protest against the political situation at Stormont.

Speaking after the DUP man's resignation, Mr McKinney told the Belfast Telegraph: "Behind the figures, there is a person, a story for every one of them.

"The DUP are not listening to those stories, and the DUP need to get back to their desks and get on with delivering for health.

"They need to start listening to the 400,000 who are in need of some sort of medical prognosis or treatment."

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