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Meals for riot police at interface cost £68,000

The cost of catering for police officers at the Ardoyne riots in north Belfast over the Twelfth of July was £68,000, it has been revealed.

Last month it was revealed the total bill for policing the disturbances came to £1.1m.

Exact figures were not available last night, but on average about 400 officers were stationed in Ardoyne at any one time over the four days of the riots. At up to 1,200 a day, that comes to a minimum of £14.16 on each meal.

John Collins, editor of the Politics NI blog, which filed the Freedom of Information question that detailed the cost breakdown of policing the riots, said he was “totally shocked” by the figure of £68,000.

A PSNI spokesman said the amount refers to the cost of “supplying canteen food or meal packs” to officers taking part in policing the riots in Ardoyne riots over four days.

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