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Mechanic bit girlfriend and knocked her tooth out during altercation in car, court told

Belfast High Court.

A mechanic allegedly bit his girlfriend and knocked her tooth out before seizing control of her car, the High Court heard today.

Joshua Dowd is accused of attacking the woman and hijacking the vehicle during a journey in north Belfast.

Prosecutors also claimed the 25-year-old swung a set of bathroom scales at his mother in a separate incident.

Dowd, currently of no fixed abode, faces a series of charges over the two alleged attacks earlier this year.

He was refused bail due to potential re-offending.

The court heard Dowd encountered police dealing with an unrelated incident in the city on March 11, claimed he had just assaulted his partner and stated: "I knocked her tooth out."

Officers went to the woman's home and noticed she had a tooth missing along with significant facial bruising.

She claimed Dowd had arrived earlier, got into a car alongside her and screamed at her to drive, according to Crown lawyer Natalie Pinkerton.

They travelled together for a period before he allegedly started to punch and bite her face.

When the car stopped he got out, kicked and dragged her across to the passenger's side and then got behind the wheel, it was claimed.

The woman confirmed that she had not given him permission to drive the vehicle.

In a separate incident on February 10 he allegedly brandished bathroom scales and a storage box at his mother and tried to punch his stepfather before being thrown out of their home.

Dowd faces charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, hijacking, common assault, criminal damage and assaulting police.

John O'Connor, defending, contended that his client could be released from custody and excluded from entering north Belfast.

He told the court Dowd's job as a car valet and mechanic is still available.

But denying bail, Mrs Justice Keegan held there was a "high risk of re-offending"

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