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Mechanical stars steal the show

Onirica Mecanica: Fragile

By Andrew Johnston

Fragile by Onirica Mecanica at the Belfast Children's Festival was aimed at slightly older kids - from eight-year-olds up to some decidedly more mature technology geeks who had apparently never grown up.

All sat on the edge of their seats, as the Lyric Theatre's Naughton Studio was transformed into a workshop for digital lifeforms. Onirica Mecanica, aka Jesus Nieto, had constructed stunning, metal beasts, largely drawing on the insect world for inspiration.

Fashioned from old car and bike parts, the creations illustrated Nieto's poetic, dreamlike telling of the effect computers have had on mankind.

The relatively low-tech robots on display may have been initially underwhelming for those who had grown up on the likes of Transformers movies, but they proved much more charming.

By the end of the show, and upon an invitation from the hosts, the stage was full of excitable audience members - young and old - taking a closer look at the mechanical stars.

Four stars

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