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Medium-sized row in Tyrone: Coalisland's Craic Theatre stands firm as Christians call for cancellation of psychic's show

By Adrian Rutherford

A psychic show taking place in Co Tyrone has run into unforeseen difficulties after an angry backlash to its "demonic" and "Satanic" content.

There are growing calls for psychic medium Claire Ziritt's appearance at Coalisland's Craic Theatre early next month to be cancelled.

Ms Ziritt, who is based in Belfast, provides "demonstrations of mediumship".

An advert for her Coalisland show claims she has an "amazing ability to provide messages of love and inspiration from the spirit world".

However, her appearance has caused unease for some locals, who believe her "psychic" powers are at odds with Christian morals.

They have urged the Craic Theatre to cancel her "dangerous" show on December 6.

Among those opposing the show is Coalisland resident Bosco McShane, who is involved in the iYouth faith group.

"This isn't anything personal against the Craic Theatre, who do a great job, but we are concerned about what they are bringing to the community," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "Despite this woman claiming to offer messages of peace and light, or so she says on her website, these messages are not from God, they are from darker forces.

"It is a bad time to be coming here.

"A lot of people are lonely and vulnerable around Christmas, and this woman might not tell them what they want to hear.

"The whole thing goes against our beliefs. We are a Christian community and we don't believe these messages are coming from God."

Several other people have written to express their opposition. A letter from another angry local states: "Much of the psychic world is caught up in Satanic worship and I don't think you as an arts centre would willingly open up members of the community to such experiences."

Another remarked: "It is not fun, not entertainment but dangerous and can cause great problems in people's lives, even full demonic possession and suicide."

Ms Ziritt was unavailable for comment, but told a local newspaper that no one was being forced to attend her show.

"I believe in God and I believe in being a good person. My opinion is to 'live and let live' and we all have a right to practise what we do and believe what we do," she said.

Craic Theatre also defended its decision to stage her show.

Arts development officer Mickey Carolan said: "We put on entertainment for people and it is up to them whether they go.

"It is going ahead. You can't bow to pressure, otherwise anyone could dictate what is on.

"It's a small minority who are against it.

"The tickets are selling well so I don't think the controversy has put many off," he said.


Claire Ziritt, who lives in Belfast, has three children and runs her own psychic practice which is called Native Spirit.

She has previously said that she tries to make a link for people with the spirit world.

Claire had her first psychic experience as a child and said it was a scary moment. "I was about six when I was first aware of the spirit world," she said.

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