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Meet Megan, Jack and Sophie Ramsey who share a special date... three siblings with the same birthday!


The odds are 9,261/1.

With the benefit of hindsight, Anne and Dessie Ramsey could have made a small fortune.

But the Tyrone couple could never have predicted that their first three children would all arrive on exactly the same day – January 25 – in 1993, 1996 and 1998.

When the Castlederg couple's second child Jack arrived in the world on the same date as their first, Megan, they didn't think too much of it.

But then when their third child Sophie was also born on January 25, they were stunned.

Now, this Saturday, the Ramsey family is preparing to celebrate their three milestone birthdays – Megan's 21st, Jack's 18th and Sophie's 16th.

Last night a trader from Paddy Power bookmakers told the Belfast Telegraph the odds of having three siblings share the same birthday are 9,261/1.

Anne, a project manager, and Dessie, a driving instructor, are the proud parents of four children.

Their youngest, 14-year-old Conor, bucked the trend and didn't arrive on January 25.

He was born in June, so, as Anne says, they "got the J month right". There's no need to feel sorry for the 14-year-old Omagh Christian Brothers pupil – as he gets two birthdays a year.

"The other three having a birthday has always been a special time for Conor too," Anne said. "None of the aunts and uncles would ever forget him when they're coming to the house with presents.

"And he does milk it! He has never felt left out."

Anne told the Belfast Telegraph her children are very close and having the same birthday gives the eldest three a special bond.

"Megan was born in 1993 and then Jack came along on the same date in 1996," she said.

"At the time we didn't give it much thought. We had a boy and a girl, two healthy kids, and were happy.

"They were both born at around 1.30pm.

"Sophie was born in 1998 at around 10pm. It seems like only yesterday the midwife was saying to me you're going to have a 21st, and 18th and a 16th in the same year – and now it's here."

aily Mirr.jpg
A childhood picture of Jack, Megan and Sophie Ramsey

The Tyrone family has been busy preparing for Megan, Jack and Sophie's birthday celebrations this Saturday.

Megan is currently a radiography student at Liverpool University, while Jack is studying for his A-levels at Omagh Christian Brothers and Sophie is studying for her GCSEs at Sacred Heart, Omagh.

"Saturday will be hectic," Anne said.

"We will have a house party for friends and family and Jack and Sophie are talking about going out with friends at the weekend too.

"We are trying to get the cake sorted now. It's going to be three tiers."

The children celebrating their birthday on the same day has had its challenges over the years.

"At the start it was lovely because we got all three birthdays done and dusted in one go," Anne said.

"Then, when they got a bit older, it was three days of sleepovers and cakes, but it was worth it.

"And they have that lovely bond. It's such a special coincidence."


"My best birthday memories are having loads of people for three parties on the one day. It was like Christmas without the tree – everyone got presents, even Conor. The best birthday party I remember was being at a leisure centre when I was about 10 for a bouncy castle party. It was done again the next day, and then the day after that, for Jack and Sophie. It was great fun.

When I was younger I used to think I didn't get enough attention, but when I got to my teens I started to enjoy it."

Megan Ramsey

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