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Meet Vegas, the cat that can't wait for his owners to come home

By Joanne Sweeney

There's nothing quite like a warm welcome home after a hard day at work.

And nobody does it better than Vegas the cat, who has officially been crowned the winner of the best welcome home in the UK.

The five-year-old Bengal from Co Down clawed his way to the top for his rather dog-like devotion to his owners Stuart and Robyn Flynn from Saintfield.

The moggy is so bereft when his owners - who both work in the film and television industry - leave the house that he waits eagerly at the windows for their return.

Clingy Vegas is a rescue cat who was found abandoned on the side of the road only a few years ago.

Competition organisers Direct Blinds were inspired to search for the best welcome home after spotting heart-warming online images of tiny tots and pets pushing their faces up against the window, eagerly awaiting their loved ones.

Stuart entered a picture of Vegas looking through the blinds, waiting for his wife Robyn to come home.

Snapped as he peeks out of windows and blinds, Vegas stole the show from other submitted photographs showing a cute little girl and her springer spaniel, and another little girl with binoculars.

While Stuart (33) was delighted that Vegas was a top cat, he told the Belfast Telegraph that the pet moggy was in the naughty book at the moment.

"We love him, but he seems to have a bad week every month, and this seems to be it," he explained.

"He had me up three times last night with all his crying. I'm very happy that Vegas has been chosen as the overall winner. He's a class act-when he's not misbehaving!"

For Stuart and Robyn, giving a home to Vegas was something that they were chosen to do.

He said: "Vegas came up on Downe Veterinary Clinic's Facebook page needing rehoming. He had been found at the side of the road and his jaw was busted up and broken.

"They rebuilt his jaw and wanted him to find a new home, so we made it down to a list of 10 people who all wanted to give a home.

"So we were chosen and we now have him about two-and-a-half years. I entered the competition for fun and because I thought I had the perfect picture for it."

Electrician Stuart added: "He was chipped as Vegas and we decided we wouldn't change that.

"He can be very vocal at times, but that breed always are. He loves a chat, a good brushing and plenty of catnaps.

"A Bengal is not quite like a normal house cat. He loves a lot of talking to and he follows us around the house."

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