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Memorial for Orange Order dead

A memorial stone has been dedicated to members of the Orange Order who were murdered during the Troubles.

A special remembrance service at the Ulster Hall recalled the memory of 336 Orangemen and women killed during the decades of violence.

An estimated 1,000 people attended the event, with organisers pointing out that the death toll accounted for nearly one-in-10 of the approximately 3,600 people murdered in total.

Many of the Order members who lost their lives were members of the security forces.

The recently appointed head of the Orange Order Edward Stevenson said it was important to mark the loss of life.

"Three hundred and thirty six members of the Orange Institution lost their lives at the hands of terrorists and we must never forget them, nor the families who still grieve," he said.

"When I was elected as Grand Master, I gave a pledge that victims and their families would remain a key priority for the Orange Institution. And that will be the case, I promise you.

"There is a very serious commitment within the Orange Institution to remembering our murdered Brethren.

"There has been much work done to ensure that the memories of our murdered Brethren are kept alive."

The memorial stone will be erected at a later date at Schomberg House, headquarters of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.


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