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Memorial to victims of IRA bombing daubed with paint


Ian McCrea condemned the defacing of the memorial

Ian McCrea condemned the defacing of the memorial

Ian McCrea condemned the defacing of the memorial

A memorial to the victims of an IRA bomb in County Tyrone has been attacked.

Paint was thrown at the stone marking eight deaths at Teebane crossroads between Cookstown and Omagh in January 1992.

The attack happened some time between Sunday night and Monday morning, the PSNI said. It was the second time in recent weeks the memorial has been attacked.

Eight Protestant workmen died and six more were injured when their van was targeted for the massive blast.

In February, floral wreaths laid there were damaged.

The men who died worked for Karl Construction. They had been returning from work at the Lisanelly Army Barracks.

The Historical Enquiries Team conducted an investigation into the attack.

DUP assembly candidate Ian McCrea hit out at those responsible.

"This latest attack follows the damage to the floral tributes left by family members only a few weeks ago and it beggars belief that there are those who will stoop so low as to attack a memorial to eight innocent men murdered by the IRA on 17 January 1992."

Drew Nelson, grand secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, said it was deplorable.

"Such memorial tributes should be sacrosanct and those responsible ought to be utterly ashamed of their actions.

"Their wickedness goes beyond the pale and is deeply hurtful and upsetting to the relatives of the deceased, who have no doubt been re-traumatised by such vile and reprehensible criminality."

The senior Orangeman also condemned a suspected arson attack at a GAA club in Moy.

"An arson attack on any property is wrong," he said.

"However, attacks on buildings closely identified with one or other side of the community have the potential to escalate both community apprehensions and tensions."

Mr Nelson added: "The Orange Institution wants to see a Northern Ireland where no-one feels a need to engage in such despicable activity."