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Men 'more likely than women' to make complaints about advertisements

Men complain about ads more than women and consumers in Greater London and the South East are the most likely to raise their concerns, figures show.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said 56% of complaints came from men compared with 41% of women with the remainder coming from organisations.

Almost two thirds of men who contacted the ASA complained about ads being misleading compared with 41% of women, but 59% of women complained about ads being harmful or offensive compared with 35% of men.

The figures also show that people in England complained twice as much about ads than those in Northern Ireland.

Consumers from Greater London and the South East of England were found to be the most likely to contact the ASA with their concerns.

ASA chief executive Guy Parker said: "It can only take a single complaint to stop an irresponsible ad. And it doesn't matter who or where it comes from.

"Complaints are just one way of helping us gauge public feeling. We also conduct extensive research, speaking direct to people across the UK about their experience of advertising.

"That's led us to spend more time on the issues that make the biggest difference to people, such as tackling misleading broadband pricing and exploring gender stereotyping in ads."

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