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Mentalist Meade floats a great idea to young scientists

By Rebecca Black

Office workers enjoying their lunch break in Belfast city centre were stopped in their tracks by a man apparently floating.

The gravity-defying stunt was the work of top illusionist and television mentalist David Meade, who had popped into town to lend his support to the launch of the BT Young Scientists and Technology Exhibition.

Young boffins from St Killian's and Wellington College looked on in wonder yesterday as the Banbridge man appeared to be sitting on thin air as he chatted to them.

He is the star of the BBC's Million Dollar Bet, and after visiting the Young Scientist exhibition in Dublin earlier this year has been inspired to back the competition, praising it as making science and technology more accessible to young people.

Scores of schoolchildren from across Northern Ireland took part in the competition in January, and now more are being encouraged to enter the 2016 event.

Mr Meade said the competition was a great way of helping children to imagine the possibilities that could lie ahead.

The BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition will take place from January 6-9, 2016 at the RDS in Dublin. More than 12 teacher and pupil awards are up for grabs. For information on the exhibition and how to enter, log on to

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