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Menu from the Titanic auctioned for £80,000

By Chris McCullough

A menu from the doomed Titanic liner has been sold for almost £80,000 at an auction in Texas.

It is thought to be the last existing menu of the final dinner served to first class passengers on the night before the Belfast-built ship went down.

It was among a rare collection of items from the luxury liner which were put up for auction at the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions and sold for £78,890.55 ($118,750).

Served up to the well-off passengers the night before the ship sank on April 15, 1912, were oysters, filet mignon, roast duckling and a host of other delicacies.

For dessert, those in first class cabins enjoyed Waldorf pudding and peaches in chartreuse jelly.

The auction house had listed the valuable menu as the last one in existence from that day's dinner. It had been listed for sale by an anonymous collector and was bought by a buyer who also had their details withheld.

Also, according to the auction house, five businessmen had written their addresses on the menu while sharing a dinner table the night before it sank.

Four of the five men who autographed the menu survived the disaster when the ship hit an iceberg while on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York with 1,500 people losing their lives.

However, another piece of Titanic memorabilia failed to sell - a distress telegram that was sent to the liner's owners in New York by Western Union did not attract any bids. The message read: "Sinking fast - come to our assistance", but the company said it had never arrived with them.

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