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Michael Jackson doctor gives brave Alan hope for a new chin

A Donegal man born without a chin is hopeful an Irish specialist who worked with Michael Jackson can help with ongoing transplant operation complications.

Alan Doherty (21) was born with a rare maxillofacial condition which meant he had no lower jaw.

He had ground-breaking transplant surgery in Mount Sinai in the United States in 2008 to replace it, but difficulties occurred with post-operative infection.

Close friend Paul McBride revealed Fermanagh specialist Dr Philip Treacy has taken on Alan's case after US surgeons decided there was too much of a risk of infection to carry out further surgeries.

Dr Treacy, who worked with Michael Jackson, is consulting with Alan on a weekly basis.

He hopes to help repair deterioration which has occurred since the transplant. Mr McBride, who spearheaded the Friends of Alan Doherty charity which raised a million dollars for a series of operations, said: "Much was promised, but 2008 was the last major surgery.

"They basically said he's a risk, which left the family high and dry. It was a great disappointment.

"But now Dr Treacy has given Alan a great motivation and a great buzz."

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