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Michael Monaghan: 'My father-in-law Sean was robbed of so much'


Michael Monaghan
Michael Monaghan

Michael Monaghan was shocked when he was told he was under threat from loyalist paramilitaries in 1994.

He went to the RUC but he said they just told him to increase security at his north Belfast home and to check under his car.

On February 17, he headed out with his wife while his father-in-law Sean McParland babysat their four children.

The UVF burst into the house and shot Sean in front of the youngsters, aged from three to nine. He was hit in the neck and died in hospital a week later. The gunman was police informer Gary Haggarty.

The family believe there was collusion in the murder. Mr Monaghan said they should have been moved from their home given the loyalist threat.

"While the vast majority of police were not corrupt, there were some very dirty officers," Mr Monaghan said.

"My father-in-law had survived throat cancer. He was robbed of so much. He didn't get to walk all his daughters down the aisle. My children were left deeply traumatised by what they witnessed that night."

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