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Michaella’s ex: Whatever I do or say won’t help get her home


The ex-boyfriend of a Belfast woman accused of attempting to smuggle more than £1.5m worth of cocaine into Europe has appealed for her safe return.

DJ Brad Houston – also known as Bradley Newport – was in a relationship with the young nightclub hostess Michaella McCollum Connolly (20) in Ibiza this summer.

The musician, from Salisbury, England, said that he felt for her family – from Dungannon - when she first went missing.

“Luckily I have never been in a position to worry about a missing person until now, the emotions running through my body are unreal,” he said on Facebook a few days ago.

“I'd hate to be in Michaella McCollum Connolly's family's shoes right now. Get home safe!”

Brad posted a number of snaps of the pair drinking champagne on a boat and some photos of them enjoying the sunshine.

He later said that he was contacted by friends who told him she had been arrested. “I'm getting so many messages about Michaella, I know what's happened, just hope she gets home safe!” he said.

Today the DJ said that he wouldn't be speaking to any media and that he has been in touch with her family.

“Whatever I do or say is not going to help get her home, so I'm doing no interviews,” he wrote online.

“Anything I knew I told her family, no one else needs to know.”

Michaella is being held in a women’s jail in Peru after being arrested with a Scottish girl – Melissa Reid (19) – at Lima’s Jorge Chavez international airport last Tuesday.

This morning, it’s been reported that both young women are “hysterical” and are not eating.

A source in the Peruvian jail where both women are currently being held said both are strongly protesting their innocence.

Both are understood to be “terrified and emotional”.

The source said they have eaten little.

For legal reasons, they are being kept in separate cells and have few belongings with them.

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