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Mild weather offers respite but more bad weather on its way

Mother Nature offered a brief but welcome respite from the wet and the cold as a weekend of mild weather coaxed people outdoors.

All-weather joggers were joined by their fair-weather companions, while coastlines were peppered with people desperate to enjoy a break from the wintry concoction of rain and gales.

The milder temperatures arrived across much of the UK, courtesy of warm Transatlantic winds, reaching highs of 14.9C (59F) in Aberdeenshire on Sunday, and 15.1 in north east Wales on Saturday.

But the presence of thick cloud meant those wanting to bask in a little springtime sun were left disappointed.

The Met Office said large parts of the UK could expect similar or slightly higher temperatures on Monday before the return of wind and rain later in the week.

Senior forecaster Helen Roberts said: "We've been talking about pretty mild temperatures but it has not necessarily been coming with lots of sunshine.

"There's been an awful lot of cloud about.

"The east of the country had the best of the brightness and we are expecting the temperatures to rise again on Monday.

"There will be some breaks in the cloud in central, southern and eastern parts of England, and could rise to 16C (61F)."

She said the warmest places are expected to be between Herefordshire and East Anglia, and down as far as south London.

Ms Roberts added: "It will feel mild for the time of year, but it won't feel particularly warm because the sun will be behind so much cloud."

Conditions are expected to go downhill from Tuesday as a front from Atlantic beats back the mild Caribbean plume.

Gales are expected to reach up to 50mph in parts of Scotland, with rain also expected.


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