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'Miley Cyrus is an adult now, not a Disney star'... fans unite in defence of risqué show

By Amanda Ferguson

She is just being herself.

That was the verdict from teenagers at the Miley Cyrus Odyssey gig and the parents accompanying them to the hotly-anticipated Belfast date on her world tour.

Miley has faced a barrage of criticism for her raunchy on stage antics and pro-drugs message, but the parents the Belfast Telegraph spoke to last night were largely unconcerned.

Amanda Simpson from Londonderry said she doesn't believe the Wrecking Ball singer is corrupting the youth of Northern Ireland.

"I don't think she is a bad influence, not a bit of it," Amanda said.

"It's just a stage act. You only need to look at society to see you don't need Miley Cyrus to corrupt young children."

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Amanda's daughter Charlene Simpson (15) said: "I like everything about her, good music and dress sense. She is old enough to do what she wants."

Chloe Thompson (16), from Ballymoney, said: "It's her life. If she chooses to behave a certain way it should be no problem to anyone else. You don't have to watch her if you don't like it."

Georgina Wray (15) said: "I think she is good. She will do whatever she wants. She's old enough to make her own mistakes."

Julia Walsh had travelled from Sligo to Belfast to bring daughter Katie (17) and her friend Erin Walsh (16) to the gig.

Julia said she didn't think Miley's stage show was appropriate for young children.

"I think the gig should be over 17," she said.

"Miley is an adult now. A lot of people still think she's Hannah Montana. She's not. She's Miley Cyrus the popstar.

"Pop stars do influence young people, so if adults don't want children to see it, then don't bring them."

Erin said: "I don't think she is meant to be a role model, She doesn't have to be. She's got a good voice. She is doing what she wants to do."

Katie added: "I like her and her music is good. I think she's just being herself. She's not fake."

Darren McConville, from Kilcoo, said he was happy for his 14-year-old daughter Sorcha to attend the show.

"I have no problem whatsoever with Sorcha going to the concert," he said.

"They are with an adult so they have support and Sorcha is sensible. Other people might have a different opinion but I do not think Miley is a bad influence."

Sorcha, who was at the Odyssey with her friends Seanine, Maebh and Tara, added: "I love her, everything about her. People who criticise her are just jealous."

Glenn McCreedy, from Bangor, who was accompanying his daughters Alex (16) and Holli (14) said he was "not concerned" about them seeing Miley's show.

"Kids these days grow up quick," he said.

"There are much worse influences in the world."

Alex said: "I think Miley is fine. There is nothing wrong with her. She's really different."

Holli said: "I think she is dead on. She's just being herself. It's the way she wants to dress. There is nothing wrong with it."

Mairead McCrory, from Castlederg, and her daughter Megan (13) were at the gig together.

Megan said: "I like her music, she doesn't influence the way I dress or behave."

Mairead said: "I'm a mother of teenagers. They grow up so quick and learn fast. For younger children, yes, it would be irresponsible to bring them, but for teenagers it's OK."

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