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Milkmen save woman from house fire in Conlig, Co Down

By Lesley Houston

A pair of plucky milkmen have saved a blind and nearly deaf pensioner in her 80s from succumbing to smoke at her burning house.

The quick-thinking of Roy Moorhead (56) and his assistant Leslie Boyd (34) follows a similar rescue effort a few years ago in the same street in Conlig, Co Down.

Killinchy man Roy and Leslie from Bangor had been doing their rounds on Saturday morning when they smelled smoke coming from inside the house of the pensioner at The Green, at 4.30am.

Roy said he tried to get the attention of the elderly lady, who he could see in her dressing gown in her hallway, but she was "too disoriented" to answer his knock at the front door.

The emergency services soon arrived and it is understood her oven or grill had been left on.

This is not the only rescue bid the pair have managed to pull off during their milkround.

About five years ago the pair came upon a house on fire after a man in his 40s had dropped a cigarette on his chair and had gone to bed after a few drinks.

In the intervening years, the duo also came upon a man unconscious on the road in sub-zero temperatures.

The man, also found in the same area, was believed to have fallen and was discovered lying with blood coming out of his nose.

On both occasions it had been the milkmen who had summoned the emergency services.

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