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Milo, the little dog who was fed cocaine, bounces back after 'choosing' new owners

By Linda Stewart

The new family of a dog fed cocaine by his previous owner have told he charmed the neighbourhood children after returning to his bouncy self.

Little Milo was left in a terrible state after being fed everything from prescription medication to Class A drugs by his cruel owner.

But after being nursed back to health, he is now thriving in his new, loving home.

The Jack Russell-cross was found by police who suspected he had been fed a concoction of drugs. He was then handed over to Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary, near Antrim, which discovered that the dog had been given cocaine.

Now rehabilitated, Milo has found a new life with doctors Chris and Kathy Wilson, from Rosetta in Belfast.

They met the dog at Assisi Animal Sanctuary, where he was sent for rehoming.

Kathy said there were two suitable dogs, but Milo had his mind made up.

"The first one they brought out was Milo," she added. "He came bouncing out of the kennel and straight over to us.

"We were completely smitten from the very first moment we met him."

There is not a great deal of information about Milo's abusive past because the two rescue centres have signed a confidentiality agreement, but Kathy said she has been told that he was in a very bad way when found.

"They put him out to foster, rather than having him in the kennels," she explained. "He had to remain there during a court case. They did a lot of work to get him right. His owner was feeding him all manner of drugs."

Milo's life has been turned around thanks to intensive rehabilitation work, but he still bears the stamp of his terrible abuse and can be nervous and afraid in front of strange men.

"Chris is the only man he has met so far that he hasn't been afraid of, so we feel that he chose us," Kathy said. "We think that he is remarkably well-balanced. He's so friendly and loving but he doesn't like raised voices."

"Our neighbours' children are absolutely in love with him. He goes over to visit and bounces all over them. He's extremely high-energy. We like hiking and would go to Mournes every weekend. He goes and goes and then droops."

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