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Mine are better than yours... Katie Taylor jokingly jostles with fellow boxer and Olympic medalist Paddy Barnes

By Stephen Alexander

Irish boxing champ Katie Taylor pulled no punches when she took on Belfast Olympic bronze medal winner Paddy Barnes... on Twitter.

Barnes was up for a bit of knockabout, as he compared Taylor's five world titles to his two Commonwealth golds.

"Here Katie Taylor - ya may have 5 World titles but have ya got 2 Commonwealth Games titles? Fight me," wrote Barnes.

But he didn't bet on Taylor's wit being as deadly as her right hook, as she floored him with a withering comeback.

"Haha! The Commonwealths?! Sure my Ma would win a gold medal in that!" she retorted.

That might have been the final round, until a tweet from RTE Sport goaded Barnes back into action. "Score this round to Katie Taylor?"

Barnes picked himself up to fire one back: "Katie Taylor would love the public to see how really good she is, pity you don't show amateur boxing - I'll score this one to myself."

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