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Minister calls horse meat summit

Northern Ireland's agriculture minister has called a special meeting of ministers to address the horse meat crisis.

Michelle O'Neill hopes Stormont ministers in charge of trade and investment, education, justice and health will join her to discuss the issue.

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "She wants them to come together to address the meat crisis."

A consignment of contaminated meat was discovered stored at Freeza Meats in Newry, Co Down, recently, supplied by a dealer from the Republic of Ireland. It had not been used in the food chain.

Asda has removed Freeza burgers from its stores as a precaution following the discovery of meat containing 80% horse at the Northern Ireland processor.

The supermarket said that its own DNA tests and those carried out by environmental health officers on the four burger products supplied by the plant had come back free of any trace of horse meat.


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