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Minister urged to curb high earners

Housing Minister Alex Attwood has been told he must take action to control the number of high earners in his sector.

This came after the DUP's Jonathan Craig obtained figures showing the number of staff earning more than £100,000 in Housing Associations outstripped the number in the larger Housing Executive.

There were seven high earners in the associations, while the Housing Executive had only two staff receiving £100,000 each year.

The figures secured by the MLA in an Assembly question also showed that the Housing Executive had 23 staff earning £50,000-£100,000, while in associations the figure was 38 staff.

Mr Craig, who sits on the Social Development Committee at Stormont, said: "It is difficult to understand when you look at the Housing Executive and realise that they have almost 60,000 houses in their stock and there's only two individuals within that organisation who earn over £100,000.

"You then look at Housing Associations which wouldn't cover as much stock and find that there are seven individuals within that who are earning over £100,000.

"That just cannot be justified.

"The whole idea of housing associations was to introduce some sort of private sector-type mentality where there would be efficiency and delivery of service.

"We are certainly seeing the delivery of very fat pay cheques."

Mr Craig said he believed one of Northern Ireland's 33 registered Housing Associations had as few as 1,000 properties in its stock.


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