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Miracle boy Kian Slaven enjoys his greatest night but misses out on meeting Olly

By David Young

Miracle boy Kian Slaven had the greatest night out of his young life this week when he joined the thousands of fans at Belfast's Odyssey Arena to see his pop hero Olly Murs perform.

Kian (14) - who travelled by bus from Omagh with mum Nadine - sufferers from hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.

He's had so many operations to help his other disabilities that mum Nadine say she's lost count.

"It's already more than 40 - I'm sure of that - and there are more to come," she said.

When he was just nine years old, Kian was attacked by the feared flesh-eating bug necrotising fasciitis.

The infection spread but, despite having 35% of his skin removed as well as part of his bowel and infected muscle and fat, miraculously the little boy survived.

This week, Kian was almost beside himself with excitement at the prospect of seeing his pop idol in the flesh.

"Kian could hardly contain himself at the Odyssey concert, said Nadine.

"Olly was absolutely amazing.

"Kian couldn't believe he was so close to his hero."

When Olly sang Kian's favourite song, Dear Darlin', she spotted that her son was crying, so touched was he by the song's sentiments of love and loss.

"Kian was really buzzing about the concert afterwards.

He's been excited about it for months - ever since I got the tickets before Christmas," said Nadine, who is also not immune to the Essex popster's charms.

"I'm a big Olly Murs fan too," she said. "He's very easy on the eye."

Kian has been an Olly Murs fan for years, ever since he got one of Olly's CDs for Christmas.

"He's loved Olly ever since," Nadine said.

Kian had been keen to meet Olly while he was in Northern Ireland - but that turned out to be a dream too far.

Because of massive demand from fans for a meeting with Olly, the star's management decided that it would be unfair to single out any of his fans for special treatment at any of his concert dates.

Kian is now waiting to go through another operation - this time to attempt to straighten his knee and strengthen his leg.

It hasn't been easy for Nadine, looking after her disabled son in often very difficult circumstances.

She spoke of her heartbreak at the way Kian was being taunted by bullies at his school in Omagh.

"Kian is my special boy, but he sometimes gets bullied at school because of his disability.

"He came home from school and told me: 'Mum, you're the only friend I've got.'"

That's a hard thing for a mother to hear, but it's just made Nadine more determined that she will find a way to realise another of her little miracle boy's dreams - to visit Anfield, home of Liverpool FC, and meet his football heroes.


Kian Slaven, who is now 14 years old, was born 12 weeks early and had fluid on his brain and cerebral palsy. His mother, Nadine Slaven, was told by doctors to prepare for the worst. When he was nine, he spent seven months in hospital and had to have over 30 operations at that time. He lives with his family in Omagh.

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