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'Miserable' week of weather ahead for Northern Ireland with more snow


Divis Mountain

Divis Mountain



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Divis Mountain

Snow and freezing winds are experienced across Northern Ireland today with the Met Office predicting a "miserable" week of weather.

After Storm Ciara battered the country, a wind and snow warning is in place until midnight tonight, followed by a snow and ice warning lasting until midday tomorrow.

Lightning strikes caused a number of power cuts yesterday evening. By 8.30pm NIE reported 1,400 homes were without power but expected most to be reconnected quickly.

The majority were said to be affected in the Enniskillen area.

The average temperature today is set to be 4C, but will feel below freezing due to wind speeds of 50-60mph.

Meteorologist Alex Burkill from the Met Office said up to 10cm of snow can be expected in some areas, with scattered showers of sleet and snow.

"Further snow is possible overnight on Wednesday, but with it should come some milder air," he said. "Higher ground will get the most snow but the south eastern parts of Northern Ireland are perhaps less likely to see these showers.

"At the moment we're dealing with this cold polar air and it will feel really raw, but temperatures will rise as the week goes on."

Tomorrow will see an average temperature of 5C but with less severe winds through the day.

A high of 8C is forecast for Thursday, with light rain and snow expected in some areas, and rising to 11C on Friday but with persisting rain and gales. Further unsettled weather is expected this weekend.

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