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Missing: Belfast bar menu sign goes walkabout as it mysteriously disappears

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Some News Just In About Our Missing Menu Board

Posted by The Errigle Inn on Sunday, 3 April 2016

It was a disappearance that baffled staff at a Belfast bar when their menu board went missing.

Staff at The Errigle on the Ormeau Road searched everywhere for their menu board but it was nowhere to be found.

However, when they examined the CCTV footage, they spotted some strange goings on. The menu board had shuffled off into the distance

The menu still hasn't been found and there is a free meal in it for anyone that can help track it down.

And if you are stuck for what to order, the bar has bought a new board to publicise its fare.

Manager Phil McGurran said: "Our original menu board mysteriously disappeared but after an unsuccessful appeal, we gave in and bought a new one.  After a little bit of investigation, we've found that these menu boards have legs of their own, the tricky little bugger escaped.

"We're sure the original board is out there somewhere promoting our new menu and there's a reward of a meal for two for anyone with information leading to its safe return."

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