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Missing Belfast woman Karen Lane (51) found dead

Search for vulnerable woman ends tragically

Karen Lane
Karen Lane
Tanith Mozez, left, with her daughter Delilah and sister Skye Lane
Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

The body of a grandmother from east Belfast who disappeared two weeks ago has been found.

Karen Lane (51) was a grandmother-of-eight who had moved to South Africa from Belfast aged 10 before returning home six years ago.

She had last been seen on the morning of October 23 at around 11.30am in the Templemore Avenue area.

Yesterday, just before 7pm, her daughters Tanith Mozez (29) and Sky Lane (23) were given the distressing news that her body had been found.

No further details were released to the family, with police telling them the cause of death remained under investigation.

Just two hours earlier her worried daughters had been speaking to the Belfast Telegraph in a bid to help find her.

Ms Mozez had described her as a kind, loving grandmother who had struggled in the last three years with alcohol addiction and poor mental health.

Earlier this year she had come close to death after a three-month stay in intensive care suffering from pneumonia.

Doctors had told her she had a five-year life expectancy after being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a condition that causes a hardening of the lungs.

Before her mother's body was found, Ms Mozez said: "She's got eight grandchildren and she loves them. We just love her and we need her to come home, it's just too hard for us.

"We've been through too much this year.

"She's a good person, but she's not the same when she drinks.

"When she's sober she's so loving and soft. Even though she's shy, if she sees someone on the side of the road who looked like they were struggling my mum would stop and ask if they needed anything.

"That's because in South Africa you see a lot of people like that, and my mum always wanted to help."

The last time the family saw her was early on the morning of October 23 at Ms Mozez's house.

Aware her mother had taken some alcohol, Ms Mozez and her brother had encouraged Ms Lane to rest.

Shortly afterwards Ms Lane managed to quietly leave the house.

Despite a search by her concerned family, her last sighting came two hours later at a local shop.

"I felt when she came out of hospital earlier this year she didn't have enough support from the health service. It's been very hard for her to deal with her addiction mentally," Ms Mozez said.

"Her terminal diagnosis was also quite a tough pill to swallow. It would weigh on anyone's mind to know at 51 you had five years to live."

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