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Missing Derry cat was dementia patient Greta's lifeline

By Donna Deeney

A cat rescued by the wife of the late broadcaster Gerry Anderson and which became an important lifeline for an elderly woman with dementia has gone missing - leaving the family desperate for his return.

Marley the cat has helped Greta Taylor, who lives in the Waterside in Londonderry, cope with the condition - but now she is lost without him.

Annette Toner, Mrs Taylor's daughter, said: "My mum is 83, she has dementia but she was doing great because of Marley.

"He gave her a routine - she would get up in the morning to feed him and kept active during the day because of Marley.

"But he has been missing now since September 4 and we have noticed her condition deteriorating.

"Marley was very much a house cat and has never ventured out of the street but he ran after another cat and we think he may have got lost, is scared and can't find his way home.

"Mum got Marley a while after my dad died. My uncle was given the cat by Gerry Anderson's wife Christine who found him as a wee stray kitten.

"She took him to my uncle who lives near her because he keeps all kinds of rescued animals. He brought the kitten to my mother and they have been together ever since.

"He has been with my mother for six years now since he was a kitten and she is lost without him."

Ms Toner appealed to anyone in the wider Waterside area to be on the look out for Marley.

She continued: "Marley is probably very scared and although he would be a nervous cat if someone does see him, with a bit of gentle coaxing he will go to them.

"We have posted pictures of him around the area and we have his details with Pet FBI's Facebook, but so far we haven't had any joy. I cannot explain how much we want to reunite Marley with my mother. As a family it would mean the world to us because we see how big a difference Marley makes to my mother's wellbeing."

Anyone who sees Marley is asked to contact the animal charity Pet FBI on its Facebook page or call them on 07512 280760.

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