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Missing divers are rescued off Bangor

Two divers have been rescued in an operation off the coast at Bangor which involved a passing cabin cruiser

Belfast Coastguard received a Mayday call on Saturday from Ballyholme Dive Club that two of its members had not returned from a dive off the Copeland |Islands.

Currents around the islands can be treacherous for divers.

The Coastguard requested both Donaghadee and Bangor lifeboats to launch to search the area for the missing divers.

A rescue helicopter from Dublin was also alerted to join the search.

The men were eventually found three miles north of Mew Island by a cabin cruiser, the Cobbler’s Den.

One man was picked up by the cruiser and the other by Bangor inshore lifeboat before both were transferred to Donaghadee lifeboat.

A medic from the helicopter which had arrived on the scene was winched down onto the lifeboat to check on the divers’ condition.

Both of them were said to be fine and they were then transferred safely to Bangor.

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