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Missing: It's a happy ending for this toy story as lost teddy reunited with owner

By Claire Williamson

It's a very happy ending to this toy story.

A ragged-looking teddy bear was waiting patiently to be reunited with its owner after he was left behind on a Easter trip.

It seems that when it was time to go home- the bewildered teddy didn't want the fun to end as he was spotted sitting all alone on a bench at the boat house.

An online campaign was launched to help reunite the little teddy bear who was left stranded at the National Trust Castle Ward.

But now thanks to the power of social media he is safe in the arms of his little owner Charlie.

On the Castle Ward Facebook page the owner's mum Olivia posted a photo of the distinguishable teddy who is missing an arm and has an up-side down smile, safe at home.

Mum Olivia posted a series of photos on the National Trust Castle Ward Facebook Page showing the little boy distraught when he was separated from his bear - and then the happiest of smiles when they were reunited.

Mum-of-three Rachel Logue found the bear with her children as they enjoyed a day out and she handed it into the office at Castle Ward.

She said her little girl has a teddy quite like this one and that if it had been lost she would hope it would be handed in too.

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