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Missing Jack Glenn's Derry family in appeal to volunteers to extend River Foyle search for body

By Donna Deeney

The family of Jack Glenn has appealed for volunteers to help them extend the search for his body along the banks of the River Foyle.

The 23-year-old was spotted entering the water on February 2 and, since then, hundreds of people answered the family's plea for help in the search.

Despite this, Jack's body has yet to be found and the family has now renewed the appeal to include areas like Donnybrewer, Eglinton, Ballykelly and Magilligan, as well as Prehen and Newbuildings.

Jack's uncle, Wayne Glenn, who set up the social media page GetJackBack, said even one hour's help would be deeply appreciated by the whole family.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he explained: "His parents Colin and Hester are really struggling to cope at the minute, as is Jack's sister, Katie ... in fact, we are all feeling the loss.

"We have no foundation for extending the search to along the lough shore but we want to try every single thing we can, which is why we are asking again for people's help," he added.

"There is more daylight now and, if people could come out and search the areas we haven't covered before, for even one hour, we would be so appreciative."

Mr Glenn said: "We are also asking people living in the Donegal side of the Lough to help too, people living in areas like Greencastle, Redcastle and Moville."

While volunteers comb the river banks on a daily basis, water searches led by Foyle Search and Rescue have continued unabated since Jack went missing over a month ago, enhanced every weekend by search organisations from across Northern Ireland and the Republic.

One of the major difficulties hampering efforts to find Jack's remains is the river itself.

The Foyle is the fastest flowing river of its size in Europe, and it also reaches depths of up to 22 metres close to the Foyle Bridge where Jack was last seen alive.

Anyone who would like to help the search is asked to contact Wayne Glenn through the GetJackBack Facebook page.

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