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Missing man's mum touched by kindness of Arsenal stars

By Donna Deeney

The mother of a missing Londonderry man wept after receiving a letter of comfort from Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger.

Hester Glenn could barely see the words on the page through tears after she opened the letter from the London club her son Jack has supported all his life.

In the note, which was accompanied by a second page signed by every player on the team, Wenger assured the family that although he didn't "have the privilege" to know Jack personally, he was aware of how dedicated an Arsenal fan he was.

He added: "I do wish you to know that our thoughts are with you at this very sad and difficult time."

Jack Glenn (23) was last seen entering the River Foyle just over three weeks ago.

Heartbroken Hester said receiving the letter had brought much comfort to her, Jack's father Colin and sister Katie.

She said: "I was at the camp we have set up at the bottom of the Foyle Bridge when my partner arrived with the post and the letter was with it.

"I couldn't believe my eyes and just burst into tears after I opened the envelope.

"I'd had such a bad day on Wednesday, full of despair and wondering how much longer we would have to endure this agony.

"Reading the letter from the club broke my heart, but lifted my spirits and brought me comfort at the same time. The timing of its arrival could not have been any better... I am filled with new hope that Jack will be found soon.

"I don't know for sure how the club found out about Jack being missing, but this letter and their kind words will never be forgotten.

"People who were at the camp with me were crying too when I showed the letter to them. When you consider the amount of requests they must get every day, for them to take the time out of their schedule to do this for us means the world to all of us."

Hester added: "I couldn't begin to say how much this means to all of us, because Jack completely idolised Arsenal and to get this on the very day that we lost Jack three weeks ago made it even more significant.

"I rang Jack's daddy Colin straight away and we have agreed to frame the letter and put it in Jack's coffin with him when we eventually get him back."

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