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Missing woman Leontia Teague spotted by supermarket checkout operator in west Belfast

By Colin O'Carroll

A sighting of a missing young woman has been reported to police.

Twenty-year-old Leontia Teague left a Salvation Army property in north Belfast where she had been living on the morning of October 30 and did not return as expected and there have been no confirmed sightings since.

Last night a checkout operator at a supermarket in west Belfast believes she saw the missing girl in her store.

She said there were a number of things that drew her attention.

"I was at my checkout when I noticed this girl. What drew my attention was that she was wearing a cream see-through blouse with a pink bra underneath.

"I'm no fuddy-duddy but I remember thinking 'there's no way I'd go out in a sheer blouse wearing a bra that colour' then I looked at her face and thought she looked like that missing girl.

"As soon as she noticed me looking at her she backed out of the checkout and went to one about three rows up and slipped through without buying anything, then she ran out, which made me even more suspicious. One of my workmates also saw her the day before."

Anyone who may have seen Leontia is asked to contact police.

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