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Misunderstanding led to PSNI 'stranger danger' warning over suspicious approaches

Police have urged parents to speak with their children about "stranger danger" after two reports of suspicious approaches turned out to be a "complete misunderstanding" in Craigavon.

On Thursday night it was reported to police that men in a blue van stopped with boys aged between nine and 11 in Clonmeen, offering them money to get into the van.

Officers, after investigating the claims, have said they were found to be a "complete misunderstanding".

A PSNI spokesman said:  "We are very pleased to tell you that, following enquiries, these incidents have been found to be a complete misunderstanding. There was nothing untoward in either incident.

"We do not like to alarm parents but it is always good to make your children aware of stranger danger. Fortunately, in this case, there was nothing to worry about."

Officers praised the boys for doing "exactly the right thing" and advised parents to speak to their children and advise them of the protocol of how to deal with any potential approaches from strangers.

"(The boys) walked away and told their parents. This is the key message we need to get across. Speak to them, remind them of stranger danger."

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