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MLA condemns attacks

Sinn Fein has joined the condemnation of the attacks on protestant homes on the Oldpark Road on Sunday evening, June 27.

North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly described them as “disgusting sectarian attacks” which are to be “not just condemned in the strongest possible words but confronted and faced down by the community”.

Residents reported that at around 7.30pm a crowd of around 40 people came down the Oldpark Road from the direction of Ardoyne shouting sectarian abuse and armed with petrol bombs.

When two Protestant residents came out of their homes around five petrol bombs were thrown in their direction exploding on the ground.

When a police vehicle arrived a petrol bomb was thrown close to it before the republican crowd retreated. After the police left the scene, bottles and bricks were thrown at one of the houses at about 6am on Monday by a group of males who walked up the Oldpark Road.

A police spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the crowd had dispersed when the PSNI arrived.

“There were no reports of any injuries and no damage was caused to any property.

“One male was arrested and subsequently released pending a report to the PPS.

“Police, working closely with local community representatives, maintained a presence in the area for several hours.”

DUP MP Nigel Dodds said: “The details of the attacks upon these houses will sound like something from the worst years of the troubles to most people. Yet these homes are being targeted for sectarian attacks now, virtually every weekend.

“This must be brought to an end. One resident has been chronicling these attacks in his journal which spells out the reality of republican intimidation in 2010.”

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