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MLA left red-faced as ITV's Take Me Out dating show comes knocking

By Claire Williamson

An SDLP MLA could make a political first for Northern Ireland when he appears on ITV's Take Me Out.

Paddy McGuinness presents the popular Saturday night dating show where he tries to find 30 single women a date.

West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan admitted he initially thought it was a joke when he got a message from the show - after he had received multiple calls from an unknown number during the week.

He said: "It's legit. I thought someone put someone up to it at the start, but this number had been calling me all week and I hadn't answered it because it looked strange. But it was the girl from ITV and then she eventually tracked me down and sent me that.

"My first response was: 'Are you serious?'.

"She said that she was aware of me and wanted to know if I was single and if I would be up for doing it.

"I'm the sort of person, I'm not sure if it comes natural to someone with ginger hair, but I embarrass easily and even on the phone I had a 'redner', never mind going on the show."

But seeing the funny side, Daniel posted it on Facebook, with many urging him to do it.

And he hasn't ruled it out yet.

"It's not something I'd normally be up for - but I haven't said no to it," he said.

"A couple of my friends have given me a bit of grief about it, but it's light-hearted at the same time."

He added: "It's definitely interesting."

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