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MLA lends support to Bracken House

by Fiona Rutherford

East Belfast MLA Dawn Purvis has pledged to continue to support Beacon’s Bracken House after being deeply impressed by the work going at the Bloomfield Avenue centre last week.

Bracken House, run by Beacon through the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health (NIAMH) provides social care to people with mental health issues, enabling them to live full and active lives.

“I am delighted to be visiting such a valuable public service. Bracken House provides day support to many with mental health issues, helping them to live independently and to play a full and active role in the community,” said Ms Purvis.

“Bracken House provides a multitude of services each as important as the next, from arts and crafts to social skills, from gardening to outreach. I was massively impressed by the work going on at Bracken House, I am proud to support this valuable work and will continue to champion the cause of such projects through my work in the Assembly.”

Niamh group chief executive Peter McBride welcomed the visit.

“The continued support of our Government representatives is extremely important as it allows us to provide much needed support for one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

“Those with a mental illness can positively contribute to society given the right support and research has shown that investment in the ‘mental capital’ of the economy, by putting more money into treatment of mental health related problems and mental ill health prevention, is essential for economic growth.”

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