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MLA raises Village issues at Assembly

The proposed regeneration of the Village area of south Belfast will be raised in the Assembly next week.

A number of written questions have been tabled by local MLA Jimmy Spratt, in response to requests from residents.

He said constituents were concerned about several issues, regarding both redevelopment and improvement plans.

“I have raised a number of questions about the Village several times recently in the Assembly, on behalf of community groups in the area,” said Mr Spratt.

“In the latest series, I am responding to a number of queries to which constituents have asked me to find answers.

“People are concerned about how aspects of the redevelopment and improvement procedures have been dealt with by the Housing Executive and others.”

However, Mr Spratt said he “needed to make it very clear” that he was “supportive of the redevelopment and how it has been handled”.

Mr Spratt is putting a series of questions to Social Development Minister, Margaret Ritchie, for reply on Monday, March 29.

He is asking her:

  • Why only 82 properties out of 538 in the Village redevelopment area . . . were internally surveyed, given that the Housing Executive booklet, ‘Redevelopment General Advice and Guidance’ states that ‘we will carry out a full survey of the properties in the area and if more than a third are unfit we will consider redevelopment;
  • If a full survey was carried out on the 82 properties surveyed in the Village redevelopment area . . . and how many are unfit for human habitation;
  • If a full survey was carried out on the 204 properties in the Village improvement area . . . and how many were unfit for human habitation;
  • To outline the criteria used to select properties in the Village Urban Renewal area . . . for an internal survey;
  • Whether a condition report was carried out on all properties in the Village redevelopment area . . . prior to them being blocked up.

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