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MLA Ross Hussey resigns council seat to avoid double-jobbing

West Tyrone MLA Ross Hussey has announced that he will be formally resigning his Omagh council seat in line with his election commitment not to ‘double job’.

He will step down with effect from Wednesday, September 5. Mr Hussey has been a councillor since 2005.

He said: “I certainly enjoyed my time with my colleagues in Omagh District Council and I have to say that I will miss it.

“I’m not leaving because of a seven-year itch, rather I am leaving to comply with my party’s declared policy that MLAs should not ‘double job’, and to be honest it is almost impossible to attend the necessary meetings of council committees and sub-committees when so much time is required for Assembly business.

“I would like to pay tribute to my council colleagues, Councillor Allan Rainey MBE and Councillor Bert Wilson, who have guided me over the past seven years and who allowed me the honour in my final year to take the office of vice-chairman of Omagh District Council, an honour which I was very proud to have received.’’

Mr Hussey will be replaced by fellow Ulster Unionist Lesley Vennard.

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