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MLA slams rash of graffiti death threats

BY Donna Deeney

Gangs who daub graffiti on walls threatening named individuals are putting people's lives at risk, an MLA has said.

A feud appears to have emerged between rivals who have taken to emblazing gable walls in and around the Gobnascale area of Londonderry.

They have also threatened to kill named men and those opposing Republican Action Against Drugs and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Slogans supporting Alan Ryan — the Real IRA leader shot dead in Dublin — have appeared in different parts of the Waterside. Threats to kill two men have also been sprayed onto gable walls.

MLA Pat Ramsey told the Telegraph the entire community was being held hostage by the feuding gangs.

He said: “I believe this has stemmed from the death of Andy Allen who was murdered by RAAD and the graffiti which appeared all over the city lashing out at his killers.

“This is a very sinister development where individuals have been directly targeted and I have spoken to the families and they are very frightened to say the least.”

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