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MLAs reject move to lift hare coursing ban

Animal rights activists have welcomed the failure of an attempt to overturn the ban on hare coursing in Northern Ireland.

A vote to lift the ban was defeated at Stormont yesterday.

The League Against Cruel Sports has congratulated the Assembly for upholding the decision made last year to ban the chasing of hares using greyhounds.

MLAs voted 23 to 18 in favour of the hare coursing ban last June.

The amendment on licensed hare coursing was yesterday defeated by 53 to 33 votes.

Amendments to the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill had been tabled by Sinn Fein MLA Francie Molloy.

League spokeswoman Mary Friel said: “The defeated amendment was out of step with both public and political opinion.

“We are delighted that Stormont has acted swiftly against this attempt to block the hare coursing ban.”

The ban on hare coursing enjoys cross-community |support, with polls showing that 75% of people in Northern Ireland are in favour of a ban.

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