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MLAs take part in community event

The Assembly has headed west for an event aimed at helping local community and voluntary groups get more out of the devolved parliament.

A number of MLAs took part in a panel discussion at the University of Ulster's Magee Campus in Derry, which also hosted workshops and presentations from the Assembly on the best way to work with Stormont and get a cause noticed.

Advice on making submissions to scrutiny committees and contributing to inquiries were among the issues discussed.

Speaker of the Assembly, William Hay, who is also an MLA for Foyle, said: "MLAs appreciate the vital role which the community and voluntary sector plays in each and every constituency in Northern Ireland.

"I am, therefore, very pleased on behalf of the Northern Ireland Assembly to host these workshops, which I hope will be of real benefit to that sector here in my own city.

"The Assembly is committed to making it easier for all sections of our society to work with the Assembly, its committees and our MLAs. This event is an important part of that."

Delegates at the event were offered the chance to take part in a simulated committee meeting to give them a taste of how they operate.

"Over the past two years the Assembly has recognised the importance of getting out and about with people and organisations right across Northern Ireland," said Mr Hay.

"This event will provide an additional opportunity for us to see first-hand the important work that goes on in the local community and to do what we can to make working with the Assembly as easy as possible."


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