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MLA's words of wisdom to children who received transfer test results


Reaction: Robbie Butler

Reaction: Robbie Butler

Reaction: Robbie Butler

UUP MLA Robbie Butler has said he's astonished by the reaction he received to a letter he wrote to his 10-year-old self as thousands of Northern Ireland children received the results of transfer tests on Saturday.

Mr Butler shared the heartfelt letter across social media and said he received calls from parents saying they read it to children as they received their results.

There were 16,257 entrants in total for the AQE and Post-Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC) tests in 2019-20, a number which has fallen slightly since last year.

Lagan Valley MLA Butler sat the test in 1983 and said he didn't get the results he wanted and that he didn't get to go to the "cool school" of his choosing.

But he said he wanted to share some advice to his younger self before he opened the envelope to receive his results.

Addressing himself as a child in a letter shared on social media, he said: "I just want you to know before you open the letter that the reality and truth of life, exams, appointments, disappointments, success and failure is this. The only thing that matters is what you do next."

The MLA told his 10-year-old self that he will be a father, a husband, a butcher and a prison and fire officer before ending up in elected office as a political representative.

"I didn't get the result I hoped for nor did I attend the school I desired, but to be honest I got the result that made me the guy I am today.

"When you see what's on the letter don't for one second think that it defines you, it merely is saying to you 'what do I need to do next'."

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