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Mobile phone crash woman loses Royal Mail payout bid

By Alan Erwin

A Northern Ireland woman badly injured when her car collided with a Royal Mail lorry is not entitled to damages because she was probably on her mobile phone, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Gillen dismissed Laura Dunlop's action after rejecting her version of the 2006 crash.

He described using a phone while behind the wheel as illegal, inadvisable and dangerous.

The accident happened near Templepatrick late at night in November 2006.

Ms Dunlop was driving to Belfast International Airport to pick up her boyfriend, now her husband.

Ms Dunlop sued Royal Mail Group Plc and the lorry driver, claiming the accident happened on her side of the road.

According to the defendants, however, she had swerved into their path.

Mr Justice Gillen ruled: “I believe the most likely cause of this accident was the plaintiff's inattention due to her being on her mobile phone.

It is the obvious reason for this otherwise entirely inexplicable accident.”

Dismissing the case, he said she had failed to prove her claim on the balance of probabilities.

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