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MoD finds Mallon shooting documents

Up to 100 new documents linked to the police investigation into the murder of a Catholic pensioner shot dead by loyalists in Northern Ireland have been uncovered by the Ministry of Defence.

Details of the documents emerged in Belfast at a preliminary hearing in advance of a full inquest into the death of Roseanne Mallon, 67, who was gunned down by the UVF as she watched television at her sister-in-law's home in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, in 1994.

A 67-page bundle of material was received by the Crown solicitors office two days ago while a further set of documents, up to about 20 pages, was handed in over the last 24 hours.

High Court Judge Mr Justice Weir said: "Was this found under the bed in someone's house? It is a bit worrying that after all this time things are still turning up."

The hearing at Mays Chambers was told that in 2010 a previous inquest was stalled when new material including police notebook entries were unearthed.

Kevin Rooney QC, who is acting for the military and police, said this latest discovery was made during an archive check. "It was found by a local unit as part of their duty to continuously look for documentation to assist with the inquest," he told the court. "It shows that the MoD and police are continuing in their duty."

Judge Weir warned that processing the new information, which could include blacking-out sensitive material, should not add further delay.

Ms Mallon, a spinster, was shot dead on May 8, 1994. A short time later British Army surveillance equipment, including a hidden camera, was found in a field overlooking the house sparking claims of security force collusion in the killing.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that eight former soldiers being called to give evidence cannot be traced. The judge said efforts to locate the witnesses should be stepped up. He said bank details could be used to find them.

"They did not join the army the week before they became involved in an operation like this. They are likely to be still serving, if that is possible, or pensioners," Judge Weir said. "Probably bank details will be sufficiently current to make sure that they get their money each month."


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