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MoD is 'not co-operating' in SAS ambush inquest

By Nevin Farrell

The Ministry of Defence is failing to co-operate with an inquest into the deaths of three IRA men killed in an SAS ambush, a Coroner's Court has heard.

Michael 'Peter' Ryan (37), Anthony Doris (21) and Laurence McNally (38) were gunned down at Coagh, Co Tyrone, in June 1991.

Lawyers for their next-of-kin claimed a "startling" lack of co-operation suggested a corporate decision had been taken.

Karen Quinlivan QC said: "The MoD are clearly not co-operating with this process."

The allegations were made during a preliminary hearing at Mays Chambers in Belfast where it was revealed soldiers involved in the fatal shootings had not made fresh statements for the long-awaited inquest.

However, Peter Coll, acting on behalf of the MoD, said the coroner's office had not made a formal request for new statements.

He said: "As I understand it there have not been any formal requests through the MoD or otherwise for the soldiers to consider giving further statements.

"That may be the case in other inquests."

Another hearing has been scheduled for December 17.

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