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Model actor Jamie Dornan vows to steer clear of charts

Ulster's top model turned actor says he’s content to stick to the screen after admitting his stint at music-making was a big mistake.

Jamie Dornan, former squeeze of Keira Knightly, says his time as one half of the ‘Sons of Jim’, which he formed with a school friend, may have been good fun, but that they were a “terrible band”.

Despite releasing a couple of singles and touring with the likes of KT Tunstell Jamie said: “I’m a terrible musician. I was in a terrible band. It’s the last thing I feel I need to offer the world.”

Jamie, who appeared alongside Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette and is currently receiving rave reviews in his role as Sherriff Graham in Channel 5 drama Once Upon a Time, is set to return to Belfast to film a psychological thriller of a serial killer.

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