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Molloy family heartbreak at funeral for crash victim Hannah (18)

Family and friends of teenager Hannah Molloy said their final farewells as her funeral took place in her home village of Castlederg on Wednesday.

Hannah, who turned 18 last month, was killed in a single vehicle accident outside Castlederg in Co Tyrone on Saturday morning.

Hundreds of mourners attended the Requiem Mass at St Patrick's Church to say their final farewells.

Father Colm O'Doherty PP told the congregation it was quite understandable for them to think Hannah's funeral appeared so unfair when she had her whole life ahead of her.

He said: "Whenever a young life comes to an end unexpectedly it is a very human reaction to ask the question why?

"The question is implying that Hannah has so much more business to attend to and now was not the right time for her to be taken.

"However, these past few days of the gathering at the Molloy home and listening to all the conversations of the memories of Hannah made it very obvious to me that she had certainly packed in so much in her short years and her life was a testament to that."

Described as "bubbly" and "kind-hearted," Hannah's best friend Ciara Martin said she was "like a sister."

"Hannah was bubbly; that's a really good word to describe her. She had a really, really big heart. There wasn't a bad bone in her body," said Ciara.

The pair had planned to join other former Loreto pupils who had enrolled at Queen's University to celebrate fresher's week in Belfast this week.

A devastated Ciara said: "Hannah was excited, it was a new start for us. I'm still in shock at what happened, just numb."

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