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Money stolen in ATM raid at Armagh filling station


Money has been stolen from an ATM machine in Armagh.

Money has been stolen from an ATM machine in Armagh.

Money has been stolen from an ATM machine in Armagh.

A sum of money has been stolen after an ATM machine in Armagh was broken into.

The incident was first reported to police at 2.30pm on Wednesday, but it's believed the burglary took place overnight.

The ATM machine was at a service station on the Portadown Road, near Richhill.

During the burglary a hole was cut in the back of the ATM and a sum of money taken.

Chief Inspector Tim Flanigan said the theft would cause disruption to the local community.

"I am appealing to anyone with information, or who noticed any suspicious activity in the area, to get in touch on 101 quoting reference number 862 of 13/05/20," he said.

“More generally, I would encourage people who live close to rural businesses, such as filling stations, to tell police immediately if they see any unusual activity in the area.

"For example, if you hear machinery late at night or in the early hours please let us know. Also, if you see people or vehicles appearing to pay particular attention to certain premises, call police on 101. In an emergency, or if you suspect a crime is in progress, dial 999.”

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Northern Ireland was plagued with a spate of ATM robberies last year.

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