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Mongoose home in on Belfast Zoo

By Christine Carrigan

A pair of yellow mongoose have become the latest furry additions to Belfast Zoo.

Brother and sister Rikki-Tikki and Tavi, who arrived from Bristol Zoo a few months ago, are now ready to move into their new enclosure.

A native species of Africa, the mongoose can be found in scrub desert and grassland.

The mammals live in burrows which they often share with other small mammals such as ground squirrels and meerkats.

Zoo manager Alyn Cairns said: "We decided to build an area for mongoose due to the educational links between these small carnivores that are natural predators to a number of African snakes, even some venomous species.

"This is the first time that we have cared for yellow mongoose at Belfast Zoo. We are excited to learn more about the species and we hope to form a breeding group in the future."

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